Second Tax Fraud Case Against Shakira Presented


Spanish prosecutors have just revealed that the famous Colombian singer Shakira is involved in a second tax fraud case. In 2018, the “Queen of Latin Pop” was accused of cheating the Spanish government out of €6.6 million (about $9.6 million). This comes as her trial for €14.5 million in tax evasion between 2012 and 2014 approaches in November. As Shakira faces these legal proceedings, more attention will be paid to her personal finances and the complexities of tax responsibilities for internationally renowned celebrities.

Allegations Center on Money Made on the El Dorado World Tour

Prosecutors emphasize Shakira’s alleged refusal to register large revenues from her 2018 El Dorado World Tour in their latest tax fraud indictment. She was living in Barcelona at the time with her two children and high-profile ex-boyfriend, FC Barcelona soccer star Gerard Pique. The prosecution’s main argument is based on her purported lack of citizenship throughout this time.

The Tax Effects of Shakira Residency

The main contention is that Shakira owes Spanish taxes on her whole worldwide income in 2018 because she was a resident of Spain at that time. And then, the location of the profits generator is irrelevant for the purposes of this requirement. But authorities say that rather than comply with this requirement, Shakira funneled her money through “companies domiciled in countries with low taxation and high opacity.”

Claims and Money Matters

The precise nature of the charges is as follows:

  • Shakira accused of avoiding paying income tax on earnings of €5.4 million. The total amount due, including interest and voluntary payments, is €6.0 million.
  • The musician also accused of owing the government €625,190 after allegedly cheating it of €773,600 in wealth tax.
  • Shakira’s finances have come under renewed scrutiny as a result of these charges. It highlight the complexity of international taxation for the wealthy.

Legal Repercussions for Shakira

In response to the new tax fraud case, Shakira’s legal team acted quickly. They noted that the singer had not formally notified of this additional legal action. Their current efforts directed upon getting ready for the trial concerning the fiscal years 2012–2014. The trial set to begin on November 20. And then, it will focus on allegations of tax evasion totaling €14.5 million.

A Review of the Ongoing Legal Conflict

Legal fights for Shakira have heated up with the filing of a second tax fraud charge. The trial set to begin in November. And then, if she found guilty, she may spend up to eight years in prison for her actions in 2012-2014.

Notably, Shakira turned down a chance to deal with prosecutors for the 2012–2014 allegations. She maintains her position by saying her financial dealings during that time were entirely above board and legal.

Despite the potential damage to her career and public image that could result from these legal proceedings, Shakira is unyielding in her commitment to defending her position within the law.