Laura Basuki Proudly Takes ’24 Hours with Gaspar’ to Busan International Film Festival 2023

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Happy Celebration: A Time of Triumph for Laura Basuki

The movie “24 Hours with Gaspar,” in which Laura Basuki plays a key part, is set to make a splash at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2023. This is a big win for the Indonesian actress. The talented actress talks about how happy and excited she is that the movie won an award at this prestigious event.

Notable Collaboration: Laura Basuki, Talent and Vision Come Together

One of the main reasons Laura Basuki wants to be in “24 Hours with Gaspar” is the chance to work with the famous director Yosep Anggi Noen and the flexible actor Reza Rahadian. Basuki was inspired to start this filmmaking journey by the way talented people were working together to make visionary movies.

“One reason I took on this project was to work with director Yosep Anggi Noen and actor Reza Rahadian.” “So, when the movie gets more praise, I can’t wait to celebrate it with everyone in Busan,” Laura Basuki told Grid.ID in an interview on Monday, September 2, 2023, at the Ministry of Education and Culture Office in Sudirman, Central Jakarta.

Beyond the Red Carpet and Screens: Personal Growth at Film Festivals

For the 35-year-old actor, film festivals are more than just places to show movies; they’re also life-changing events that help her grow as a person. Especially important events like BIFF give you a unique chance to learn new things from other film fans and professionals in the business who are there.

“I’m always excited to go to international film festivals because I get to see how film fans in Busan see things from different points of view.” “And if I can, I’ll make time to watch Indonesian films there,” Basuki said, emphasizing how beneficial her festival experiences are.

Trip to South Korea: An Indonesian Film Expedition

On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, Laura Basuki and some other Indonesian producers are going to leave for South Korea. Many people think that the Busan International Film Festival is the most important film festival in Asia. Filmmakers and movie fans all over the world love this festival.

Historical Significance of BIFF: Pioneering Asian Film

From the start in 1996 until now, BIFF has been a leader in foreign film festivals, being the first of its kind in Korea. It has grown over the years into one of the most important film events in the world. In addition to its fancy red carpets, BIFF has been very important in supporting Asian films and promoting cultural exchange between countries.

Participation by Laura Basuki: A Tribute to Indonesian Film

Laura Basuki’s inclusion in the BIFF list is a celebration of the success of “24 Hours with Gaspar” and proof of how Indonesian film is becoming more well known around the world. Her appearance brings out the richness and variety of the stories coming out of Indonesia.

The Festival Serves Two Purposes: To Celebrate and to Teach

Film festivals like BIFF are more than just a way to celebrate great movies; they’re also great places for directors to learn. Laura Basuki and her fellow Indonesian filmmakers can learn a lot from the wide range of movies that are out there. These lessons can help the Indonesian film industry grow and change in big ways.

Finally, Laura Basuki and her film colleagues are starting their trip to Busan. This isn’t just a time to celebrate their success; it’s also a chance to learn, make connections, and help put Indonesia on the global film map even more. The Busan International Film Festival is coming up, which sounds like a great time to celebrate different kinds of stories and the magic of movies.